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Hello and welcome to Budget Bites! If you're wanting to get to know the cooks here at Budget Bites, you've come to the right place! This blog was put together by college friends that demanded frugal but healthy and delicious food to feed their growing families. Read below to find out more about the individuals on their quest to conquer the kitchen and their budget in one fell swoop!

Mallory Watkins

Although I was raised in Maine, I’ve had the opportunity to live in various parts of the world, which has given me a taste for all sorts of cooking. My mum taught me to cook, and at this point it is probably my favorite, most established hobby. I love having people over to try new recipes or old recipes that I have played with. My other love is words—ask anyone who knows me: I talk too much. So a blog that talks about cooking and food is perfect for me. In fact, it’s so perfect for me, I run another cooking blog on my own, Cookin’ Up A Storm. Where Budget Bites focuses on frugal but delicious recipes, Cookin’ Up A Storm has no focus; it’s a veritable free-for-all in the world of cooking (though I do like to think it focuses on tastiness). I currently live in California with my taste-testing husband and one year old daughter.

Tari McDonald

Growing up, food was always an integral part to my family gatherings. My grandma has a love of food and cooking which she passed onto my mom, who passed the passion on to me. I can remember several times where she let me help in the kitchen, and those have become some of my most cherished childhood memories. Come on now, how many kids have memorized the recipe for chocolate chip cookies by the 4th grade? Not many, but it has come in handy many a time! I enjoy creating many things, and not just in the kitchen. I also love singing, playing the piano, reading, crafting, and sewing. In fact, I only have two requirements for my "dream house." One is to have a large, fully equipped kitchen and the other is to have a room dedicated solely to my crafting! My husband and I currently live in California with our two boys.
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