Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Scratch" Out Store Bought Conveniences

My husband and I are currently in college, and a lot of my friends have asked how we manage to keep a low food budget. My answer is always the same question. Do you buy a lot of convenience foods? You know like frozen pizzas, Hot Pockets, stuff like that? We rarely do. Instead, we make it from scratch. A lot of the foods you can buy down the frozen dinner aisle can be made in your own kitchen. This turns a lot of people off because they "can't live without their conveniences." If you fit into this category, I'd challenge you to give it a try. Start with something simple. Make a batch of homemade burritos (I'll post the recipe) and freeze them. Then just pull out however many you need and microwave them. Voila! Mock convenience food with a greater taste, but without the preservatives and at half the price!

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