Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mama Conner's Pizza Crust

If your family is anything like mine, pizza is probably a weekly thing. There's no reason to spend money to order it when homemade pizza is BETTER. This is my mother's recipe, which makes 4 to 5 crusts. Since my husband and I don't eat as much as my 7 siblings and I do, I make it all at once then divide it into about 5 and freeze them until I need them. I let them defrost in the fridge the day before and over night, then take them out and set them on the counter about an hour ahead of time so they can warm up to room temperature. (This last step isn't absolutely necessary, but it definitely makes rolling the dough out much easier!)

4 c. flour
4 c. HOT tap water
4 tsp. yeast
2 tsp. brown sugar
1/4 c. olive/vegetable/canola oil
1 tbsp. salt

1. Mix together flour and water. Stir in yeast. Add brown sugar, oil, and salt. Mix well.
2. Add flour a 1/2 cup to a cup at a time. Do this until the sides of the bowl start to come clean of the dough.

THIN CRUST: Divide into 4 or 5 loaves. Roll out, and top immediately. Bake at 500 degrees until golden brown.
THICK CRUST: Roll out, and let rise 15-30 minutes. Cut into 3 loaves. Roll out again. Top it. Let rise on pan while oven preheats. Bake at 500 until golden brown.

Note: You can bake this on any pan. I've made it on a shallow cookie sheet or cake pan before. However, baking stones work best. They're run from $15 to $30 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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